Call 2019 Topic Suggestion

Please use the web form below to suggest topics for the Call 2019. Note that each criterion in the criteria grid should be carefully documented (these criteria will serve as the basis for the topic selection).

Deadline: 25th of April 2018

Contact info
Topic definition
Criteria grid
Novelty & ambition
Describe the state-of-the-art, missing science, and expected outcomes (the topic should be far from existing knowledge and technology), and analyse potential S&T issues (the topic should be plausible)
Multidisciplinary and/or transformative
Describe how knowledge and communities from different disciplines can be brought together to investigate unknown fields at the frontier of science and/or how the topic can be a game changer with a high scientific and technological impact
Clarity and measurability
Describe how well defined the topic is and how scientific and technological performance can be objectively measured in the area (measurement methods, metrics, tools, infrastructures, …)
Describe which opportunities might be lost if the topic is not funded
Potential impact
Describe the potential impact on future EU economy, environment and/or society, and analyse risks (social acceptance, legal issues, …)
Need for transnational cooperation
Describe how transnational cooperation in the framework of a joint call can bring added value (complementary national scientific strengths, need for critical mass, need for joint infrastructures, …)
Complementarity with existing calls
Describe closest calls (FET, H2020, ERA-NETs, …) and how the topic complements and/or leverages them (the topic should not be redundant with other calls)
Suitability of topic size
Describe how a significant contribution in the area can be obtained with a call of a few M€, possibly giving indications about the size of the main events, initiatives or structures in the area (conferences, programmes, teams, centres, professional associations, …)