ACAI External Experts

In addition to the rapporteur and co-rapporteur(s), each proposal shall be evaluated by external experts. For this purpose, for each proposal, the rapporteur and co-rapporteur(s) suggest at least 8 external experts (this number reflects the availability rate following invitation by the Joint Secretariat).

While proposing experts, the goal should be to suggest qualified scientists with depth of knowledge of the field and to ensure availability of diverse viewpoints and scientific/disciplinary perspectives. It is recommended to invite experts from countries not participating in the call, including non-European ones (2 or 3 per project), both to broaden the scope of scientific expertise and perspectives, and to decrease the chances of conflicts of interest.

Not all 8 experts will be invited at the same time, to avoid the risk of having too many external reviews in comparison to other projects. For this reason, the form below proposes to indicate a priority rank.

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