CHIST-ERA stands for European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies ERA-NET.

CHIST-ERA is a coordination and co-operation activity of national (and regional) research funding organisations mainly in Europe and is supported by the European Union under the ERA-NET funding scheme of the FP7. The aim is to reinforce the transnational collaboration between the participating states in challenging multidisciplinary research in the area of ICST with the potential to lead to significant breakthroughs. The partner organisations identify emergent scientific fields allowing researchers to engage in high risk, high impact projects by launching each year a transnational call for research proposals. In the Call 2016, published in October, two new and hot topics are addressed:

Lifelong Learning for Intelligent Systems

Visual Analytics for Decision-Making under Uncertainty

The text of the CHIST-ERA calls are defined and then published within six months after the topics selection based on the research community expertise and long-term vision to maintain a high level of relevance of the calls in very competitive evolving areas which need reactivity. The focus is long-term transformational research. The research agendas developed by the FET Flagship initiatives feed into this topic selection process.

In addition CHIST-ERA follow the funded projects in organising a yearly CHIST-ERA Conference where projects present their goals and achievements to the research community, CHIST-ERA partners, Flagships communities and other stakeholders.

Dr. Edouard Geoffrois
Coordinator of CHIST-ERA (ANR)
Tel.: +33 1 7354 8149
Dr. Béatrice Arnulphy
Project Officer (ANR)
Tel.: +33 1 7809 8055
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