CHIST-ERA is a programme for European Coordinated Research on Long-term Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and ICT-based scientific challenges.

CHIST-ERA is a coordination and co-operation activity of national and regional research funding organisations mainly in Europe and is supported by the Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme of the European Union through the ERA-NET Cofund funding scheme. The aim is to reinforce the transnational collaboration between the participating states in challenging multidisciplinary research in the ICT and ICT-based areas with the potential to lead to significant breakthroughs. On a yearly basis, the partner organisations identify emergent scientific fields allowing researchers to engage in high risk, high impact projects by launching a transnational call for research proposals. In the Call 2019, to be open in December, two new and hot topics are addressed:

Explainable Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence
Novel Computational Approaches for Environmental Sustainability

The text of the CHIST-ERA calls are defined and then published within 12 months after the topics selection based on the research community expertise and long-term vision to maintain a high level of relevance of the calls in very competitive evolving areas which need reactivity. The focus is long-term transformational research. The research agendas developed by the FET Flagship initiatives feed into this topic selection process.

In addition, CHIST-ERA follows the funded projects in organising a yearly CHIST-ERA Conference where projects present their goals and achievements to the research community, CHIST-ERA partners, Flagships communities and other stakeholders.


Latest news from CHIST-ERA

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04 November 2019
In preparation for the next calls of CHIST-ERA, a consultation is open to the research ecosystem and general public to collect research topic ideas. The type of research targeted in CHIST-ERA and the topics full selection process are presented on the following page: The topics supported...
23 October 2019
The Call 2019 Pre-announcement is online and available here. The CHIST-ERA Call 2019, to be published in December 2019, will target research in the following topics: Explainable Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Novel Computational Approaches for Environmental Sustainability (CES) To help researchers finding partners, a Partner Search...
04 September 2019
In August 2019, CHIST-ERA has invited 10 new research projects for grant preparation for a total budget of 9 M€. Five projects fall in the analog computing for AI domain and five others in the computing in dynamic networks one. The success rate of the call reaches 16.1%.The projects selection follows the Call 2018 competition launched end of 2018 by CHIST-...